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Bella Holt Design (Bella Sanchez)


“After retiring as a professional showjumping athlete of over 10 years, I wasn’t sure where life would lead me next. Upon return to university, I studied real estate development but began to realize I needed to explore my creativity to feel fulfilled. 


I finally jumped into an urban design class at NYU and easily spent most of my time sketching while finding myself up late hours to continue “working." At that point I shifted my studies to focus on design. I graduated spring 2023 from NYU with a Bachelor's Degree in Architectural Design & Environmental Psychology through an independent study path at the Gallatin School of Individualized Study. 

I am blessed to have grown up with a family who loves fashion & design while also being surrounded by beauty in a home designed by award-winning architecture firm Liederbach & Graham. I would pour through the fashion and design books in our library (pictured below). Thus, I was predisposed to style from an early age. Design has always been an innate love of mine.


The name Bella Holt was considered many years ago in discussion with my mother as a possible fashion label or future name for a design business. Rediscovering my passion for interior and architectural design was always part of my life journey.” 


- Annabella Holt Sanchez



Tel: 917.822.3908


New York, NY | Miami, FL 

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