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Active individual projects and past university projects. 220 Central Park South #22A is a luxury residential concept in the works originally as an independent senior project for NYU for an internship under AD100 firm, S.R. Gambrel Inc. Other past academic projects include a Stretto House case study done Fall 2022 in NYU Gallatin's Architectural Design & Drawing course and a luxury hotel concept done Summer 2022 at NYU's Schack School of Real Estate's in their Use of Space & Urban Design course. Individual concepts include a Palm Beach Mediterranean home, an urban Saint Laurent inspired city apartment, and 2020 CPS #22A as an independent study project.

Other Projects In The Works

24th St & Madison Ave_edited.jpg

Stretto House Case Study 

My first case study done in Architectural Design & Drawing class at NYU Gallatin. Steven Holl's Stretto House in Dallas, Texas. 

Luxury Hotel Concept - Manhattan, NYC

Free hand drawings of a luxury hotel concept in Manhattan overlooking Central Park. Rooftop with a restaurant, firepit, and infinity pool. Biophilic design incorporated with key statement in lobby of tree encased in glass and open to sky. Facade shows sky gardens included.

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